2. Why YOU Should Care

♦ Nobody Is Free #UntilAllAreFree!


Detentions of political prisoners are not just a Chinese problem.

Chinese government’s continued arbitrary detentions pave the way for future unchecked actions. The enforced disappearance of one Chinese citizen is the silencing of one voice – that is one lost voice in the defense of the unrepresented and fight for freedom of expression. Each detention leads to a greater silence among the Chinese public as the fear of detention grows and those speaking out against injustice are held in captivity.

The Chinese government is not the only political force cracking down on civil liberties to maintain political order. We see arbitrary detentions and inhumane treatment of political prisoners in Indonesia, Laos, Ecuador, Iran, Mexico, and even “liberal democracies” like U.S. These, too, are silenced voices.

Speaking out against injustice has shaped the modern world again and again. From the French Revolution to the Arab Spring, people stood up against regimes that failed to represent them and took their fates back into their own hands. Civil rights movements, be they for race relations, gender equality or religious tolerance, rely on the ability to speak for yourself and to stand up for others. When anyone is forced to remain silent, our grip on our futures slips further into the hands of the few and the mighty.

You may not know any of the Chinese detainees, and what they fought for may not be your fight, but you have a chance to speak for yourself and say that everyone has a right to do the same without fear of captivity and abuse, because nobody is free #UntilAllAreFree.