3. What You CAN Do!

♦ #Postcards4Freedom and Beyond


• Write a Postcard

Before the New Year of 2015, an online movement called #让民心片淹没看守所 (flood the detention center with postcards/cards of people’s will) or #LoveCanWin was initiated by Chinese scholar Zhai Minglei on Weibo (Chinese Twitter). People were encouraged to write postcards to show their support and solidarity to those behind bars. However, this only brought Zhai himself into custody as well. Although Zhai was released shortly after, the online censorship made it impossible for the movement to carry on in China.

YOU can support these silenced voices from wherever you are! Write a card to detainees to show your love and support now – even if they don’t receive them, someone surely will! The more support we show, the safer they are, and the earlier they might be freed.

NOTE: Addresses of detainees are included in the biographies section [link].

• #UntilAllAreFree

Raising awareness is the first and fundamental step in protecting human rights worldwide. As more people are aware of civil liberties slipping away, more people will be aware that they can use theirs to protect others.

The first step is with you: before sending the postcard, take a picture of yourself with it and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #UntilAllAreFree to amplify the impact of your action!

• Spread the Word

Chinese detainees are held in captivity for voicing their opinions and defending the rights of others. Pay them direct respect by acting the same. Don’t forget to spread the word about the facts and stories of Chinese detention. Don’t let the voices of Chinese detainees disappear! Here are flyers, posters, and fortune tellers with facts about Chinese detentions that you can print out (and fold up) to distribute publicly as well as documentaries to show at local events.

Contact us at Until.All.Are.Free(at)riseup.net!