6. For Activists

♦ Have this Material!

Do you want to join the campaign? Feel free to download, use and share the following resources:

    1. Appeal to Activists (PDF) [link]
    2. Activist Toolkit (PDF) [link]
    3. Campaign Leaflet (PDF) [link]
    4. Guo Yushan‘s Wife 4 Letters (PDFs) [link] & [link] & [link] & [link]
    5. Documentaries
      1. No Country for Private Houses, A documentary reflecting forced eviction in China. Directed by He Zhengjun, who has been under detention since October 2014. [link]
      2. Never Sorry, A documentary about the artist and activist Weiwei. Directed by Ai Weiwei. [link]
      3. Petition. Directed by Zhao Liang. [link]
      4. Tiananmen Square 1989 Protests Documentary. [link]