7. About

♦ Who are we?

We are not associated with political parties. We are not an organization. We are simply people who care. According to Chinese authority, we are probably “a small group of people” used by anti-China forces that attempt to subvert the Chinese regime. Most likely we would be tagged as capitalists, spies, imperialists, people who do not understand or respect the particularity of the Chinese nation.

We, however, perceive ourselves as beyond national entities; people who keep questioning any establishment, any politician; people who believe in pluralism, global solidarity, people’s power; not aiming to impose a single ideology, strategy or story. And above all we share the common conviction that nobody should be jailed randomly, only because of his or her ideas and political engagement.


♦ What do we want to achieve?

In the short term: Encourage engaged individuals and groups to get to know more about political repression in China, to critically discuss its relevance for other contexts. Make arrive as many postcards as possible in Chinese prisons. Signs of solidarity may provide some psychological support to light up their dreary situation. They can also increase the possibly for political prisoners to be released or treated better.

In the long term: Stop arbitrary detentions and enforced disappearances of dissidents to illegal detention facilities, the intimidation and silencing of the people in China and their denial of the most basic civic, social and political rights.

We envision solidarity between people living in different countries, create dialogues and mutual support across borders. We believe in the collective pool of human intelligence and solidarity in countering injustice, and in that nobody is free #UntilAllAreFree!


You can also reach us at Until.All.Are.Free(at)riseup.net! or Facebook or Twitter