1. Political Situation

♦ The Silence of Chinese Detentions.   2014 was the Year of the Horse in Chinese Lunar calendar, but the Chinese government turned it into the Year of DETENTIONS. Following the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in June and the Hong Kong protests in October, President Xi Jinping’s government carried out a wave […]

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2. Why YOU Should Care

♦ Nobody Is Free #UntilAllAreFree!   Detentions of political prisoners are not just a Chinese problem. Chinese government’s continued arbitrary detentions pave the way for future unchecked actions. The enforced disappearance of one Chinese citizen is the silencing of one voice – that is one lost voice in the defense of the unrepresented and fight […]

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3. What You CAN Do!

♦ #Postcards4Freedom and Beyond   • Write a Postcard Before the New Year of 2015, an online movement called #让民心片淹没看守所 (flood the detention center with postcards/cards of people’s will) or #LoveCanWin was initiated by Chinese scholar Zhai Minglei on Weibo (Chinese Twitter). People were encouraged to write postcards to show their support and solidarity to […]

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4. Prisoners’ Stories

♦ They Can’t Just Disappear. We Can’t Just Turn Away!   Hundreds of Chinese human rights defenders are currently detained in Chinese prisons. Some have known whereabouts, others have “disappeared”, but each and every one of them has a story that is now untold behind bars. Here are the stories of a few of the […]

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5. More Info?

♦ Follow the Links! There’s always something more to know. Keep yourself updated by reading from the following resources: Independent Chinese PEN Center [link] Chinese Human Rights Defenders [link] AmnestyInternational/China [link] Frontline Defenders [link] Human Rights Watch/China [link] China Change [link] China in 2014 through the Eyes of a Human Rights Advocate [link] Exile in My […]

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6. For Activists

♦ Have this Material! Do you want to join the campaign? Feel free to download, use and share the following resources: Appeal to Activists (PDF) [link] Activist Toolkit (PDF) [link] Campaign Leaflet (PDF) [link] Guo Yushan‘s Wife 4 Letters (PDFs) [link] & [link] & [link] & [link] Documentaries No Country for Private Houses, A documentary […]

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7. About

♦ Who are we? We are not associated with political parties. We are not an organization. We are simply people who care. According to Chinese authority, we are probably “a small group of people” used by anti-China forces that attempt to subvert the Chinese regime. Most likely we would be tagged as capitalists, spies, imperialists, […]

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